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Charlie Wright-Roberts DipWCF

Charlie is a experienced farrier, who uses techniques such as natural horsemanship to support a wide range of horses of all natures, Our farriery services aim to help your horse perform to the best their ability, using traditions thinking and modern technology such as high speed filming to allow us to analyse your horses conformation and shoeing requirements. covering a wide area across North Hants, Berkshire, Oxford and Wiltshire

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Red Anvil is also keen to help promote good farriery and also to help horse owners understand the anatomy for their horses and also the conditions that horses can suffer with.
This is why red anvil has a YouTube channel, this will help our customers and others learn more about their horse.




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Here at Red Anvil we would like to help horse owners understand more about the anatomy of their horses and also the conditions and ailments that can affect them. During my time working with horses I get to see a wide range of conditions that affect horses and would like to help to try and clear up some of the miss understanding that I have seen on the internet.
The links below will allow you to read about the anatomy and common conditions of horses in a standard format that is divided into 7 parts


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