Keg in a Box

The “Keg in a box” system provides customers with a temporary draft beer solution that can be set up almost anywhere.

You can choose from one of our product packages, they include everything you will need for your favourite beer or lager on tap, icy cold, pint after pint. They also include plastic glasses that are dispensed from within the “Keg In a box “ system.

Mobile Bars South England

There are 3 different options of service that Red Anvil Can provide.

Free Bar

A Free Bar is the most popular options for weddings as they allow your guests to have a Drinks for the duration of the evening without paying for their drinks, this is however the most costly for the event organiser, to make it simpler to add up the you costings we provide a packages that brakes it down to a Price Pre Head cost.

Paying Bar

This option runs just like your local pub and our prices are in line with standard UK Pub prices. This can be the most cost effective for the organiser and is some cases a dividend is paid back to.

Subsidised Bar

A subsidised bar will allow you to options

Have a free bar up to a pre-arranged tab limit and then your guests will start to pay after that limit.
Have a subsidised Bar price reducing the cost of the Drinks


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